Waterblade Eco Water Money Saving Tap Device

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Waterblade Water Saving Devices

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Waterblade Eco Water Money Saving Tap Device

The Waterblade turns your water supply and transforms it into a wide blade of water making it many times more useful for washing your hands. This enables reductions in both water and energy consumption.

The typical return on investment on the Waterblade can be as little as 3 months, and it is totally scalable to all taps in your home or commercial premises.
So whether you are fitting to one bathroom or cloakroom basin in your home, school, hotel, offices,etc the savings will be impressive.

The Waterblade takes a supply of water and shapes it into a paper thin sheet of water that is as wide as your hand. This is an extremely efficient distribution of the water, in customer trials we have received positive feedback, despite the small amount of water used.

Typically the Waterblade operates at 2.5 litres per minute (l/m). A water saving tap with an aerating nozzle uses 5 or more l/m. A standard tap uses 10 to 20 l/m.

We calculate an Annual Combined Water, Wastewater and Energy saving of Waterblade, per tap, could be £75 compared to standard tap and £25 compared to aerating tap.


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