Waste Oil Tanks

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Waste Oil Tanks

Waste oil can be disposed of in different ways. Waste oil tanks can be used to store waste oil until collection can be arranged. Waste oil tanks are ideal for garages and workshops; each tank is bunded to keep any leaks from spilling out on to the floor. Strong, maintenance-free tanks at an affordable price gives you security and many years of trouble-free service. An Atlas tank can be installed and forgotten about. A bunded tank consists of a tank inside a tank; the inner tank is the primary storage vessel, whilst the outer tank acts as a failsafe. It is essential to ensure that your waste oil storage is robust and safe, so your oil is less likely to cause any pollution before you can dispose of it. BHL thrive on cleaning up the environment, and therefore want to prevent any environmental damage. Many fuel storage tanks require oil bunds to prevent pollution. Under the Oil Storage Regulations, a qualifying tank should be contained within bunding totalling no less than 110% of the storage tanks full capacity. All fuel tanks should be installed by a competent person and installed on to a suitable base.

Atlas Tanks:

Atlas is a leading manufacturer of plastic fuel storage tanks. From bunded, single skinned, waste oil tanks to fuel depots Atlas is a company dedicated to putting quality products into the hands of a professional installer. When you buy an Atlas tank, it is certain you are buying the best. Whether you are replacing an old tank or installing a brand new heating system, you need to be sure you are using the best. You want a strong, maintenance-free tank at an affordable price. A tank that will give you security and many years of trouble free service. One you can install and forget all about. BHL heard your plea, that’s why we only stock the most reputable manufacturers. Their bunded waste oil tank is rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene, it’s 100% fully bunded making it completely compliant with regulations.

Please note all Atlas tanks should be installed only by a suitably competent person such as an OFTEC registered oil tank installation technician.

Which Tank?

All Atlas tanks are fitted with an electronic Watchman Sonic gauge. The Watchman Sonic uses a transmitter on top of the tank and ultrasonic level measurement techniques to measure, continually, the level of oil in the tank. The tanks are strong but light with built in hand grips to ensure easy installation, as BHL love making things easier for you. Each tank is carefully designed to prevent rainwater from entering, also all tanks have stabilised ultra violet so to avoid the colour fading. All Atlas tanks are easy to use and easy to install, they are ideal for the storage of waste oils and lubricants at agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional and marine applications. Fully bunded and engineered to comply with fuel storage regulations nationwide, Atlas bunded waste oil tanks benefit from a high capacity integral fill.