Steel Oil Tanks

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Steel Oil Tanks

Storage tanks are containers that hold liquids or compressed gases. Steel bunded and single skin oil tanks are designed for the storage of kerosene, oil and diesel as well as lubricant oils and waste oil. The range of tanks offer a simple solution to the problems generally encountered with providing watertight bunded areas around tanks. The bunded tank, of all steel construction, is a tank within a tank, the inner tank providing the required storage area, whilst the out tank forms a watertight bund with capacity for 110% of the liquid stored. The tank is suitable for the storage of bulk liquids such as diesel, heating oils, along with a variety of solvents and chemicals. Mayweld also manufacture fuel dispensers for industrial or agricultural use. These dispensers are used to pump gasoline, petrol, diesel, or other fuel types in vehicles. They are most commonly found in agricultural areas, for use by tractors and other agricultural machines. Mayweld tanks are manufactured and designed in Britain; each tank comes with a quality assurance as standard.


With over 40 year's heritage, BHL have decided to put their confidence in Mayweld. Exacting standards of design and craftsmanship have resulted in a popular range of traditional single skin and bunded oil storage tanks. For the discerning customer seeking all of the features and benefits of a premium quality steel oil tank, Mayweld is the best choice. Made from recyclable material, when a tank comes to the end of its life it will be environmentally friendly. All Mayweld tanks offer security in steel against theft or vandalism, and are all cost effective replacements for existing tanks. With robust attractive construction and flexibility of size and shape to suit the given site, BHL are certain that you’ll find the tank you’re looking for.

Which Tank?

The Mayweld 1350 duel dispensing tank is a solid commercial investment and ideal for premises where space is at a premium. Mayweld tanks are recyclable and their weight makes them less susceptible to theft. Mayweld’s 4500 Litre bunded steel oil tank, In the event of a split in one skin, there is also an outer skin to retain the contents, saving money and unwanted environmental consequences of a fuel spill. However, not only do Mayweld manufacture a bunded tank, they also manufacture a single skin tank, which are usually designed to hold less oil such as 1125L tanks. As a result of the less tank storage, in the event of an oil spill less damage can be caused, unlike the bigger tanks holding 4500.