Oil Tank Accessories

Oil Tank Accessories

BHL’s range of oil tank accessories is so broad we are certain we will have everything you need. From batteries to valves, BHL have everything you need for a successful running tank. This section includes all the accessories that you would need to make full use of your oil storage tank, many of the items featured in this category may be supplied during the purchase of your tank, however there are parts that may need replacing or servicing at some point, which is why BHL stock a variety of accessories, to save you shopping around, we’re sure you’ll find everything you need here. As new products are continually being developed in the modern oil heating industry in order to satisfy new laws and regulations for environmentally safe and energy efficient oil heating installations. Whether you’re looking for a security device or an alarm, here at BHL we’ve got something for everyone. Oil tank accessories range from Secure locks fighting oil theft, to Watchman Batteries to let you know when you’re running low on oil. For further assistance please feel free to contact the team here at BHL.

Almighty Accessories:

BHL are known for their stock of prestigious brands, imagine the biggest brands under one roof. Here at BHL you can, our accessories come from some of the most famous names including; Apollo, Titan, Atlas and many many more. Titan are renowned for all of their products, including their accessories, as a global leader in high performance insulation and building fabric they deliver high efficiency, low cost and low carbon building solutions. With over 40 years’ experience BHL were won over by Apollo’s expansion and service. Apollo are a small Irish company located just an hour away from both Dublin and Belfast and as leaders in the design and development of ultrasonic fuel tank monitors we are certain you can put your trust in Apollo. Mayweld also have a fabulous range of products. They offer security against theft or vandalism, and have over 40 years’ experience tailored to a suit bespoke range. With exceptional standards of design and craftsmanship Mayweld have developed a popular range of tradition tanks and accessories. For the discerning customer seeking all of the features and benefits of reliable stock, Mayweld is the best choice.

Assorted Accessories:
BHL’s SpillStop is used to ensure that the environment is protected if an attempt is made to overfill the tank. The cleverly designed valve shuts off the fill point once oil reached 95% of the tank volume. They are suitable for any tank, whether it be single skin or bunded, and they are easily retro-fitted for environmental protection, also its OFTEC approved, therefore BHL recommend you purchase a SpillStop as a loyal companion for your oil tank. Oil has its price and can be extremely valuable therefore BHL recommend you purchase a security pack. Mayweld’s tank security pack includes; a fill cap, padlock and a vent cap. Whilst oil is so expensive BHL would rather you made it inaccessible to anyone other than yourself.  With such a wide range of variety we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. Recent development has led to low sulphur heating oil, highly efficient burners using blue flame technology and condensing oil boilers. New technology such as the Titan Tigerloop helps to ensure optimal combustion technological developments have created and even higher demand for clean, air-free oil to ensure reliability in oil heating. Why not take a look at our Watchman Sensor Battery, to let you know when there is a dramatic drop in oil levels. The revolutionary electronic measuring gauge will inform you when there has been a dramatic drop in the oil levels, it is quick and easy to install and is also suitable for steel or plastic tanks. Amongst all its other selling points, it has low power consumption and a vast meter transmitter.


Many accessories such as gauges and valves should be inspected annually to avoid corrosion or degradation, observing such parts also allows you to see any damage or interference with the tanks and accessories, avoiding theft of oil and oil spills. You should also check access points, sight gauge and vents are correctly closed and shielded to prevent rainwater, dirt or insects from getting inside. Each year any storage tank should be inspected by a competent person, if they report that there are any accessory issues or tank issues, these should be dealt with immediately. All accessories should be replaced if any signs of rust or corrosion appear.

What’s popular?

Apollo Smart is the world’s first home energy monitor. Utilising tried, tested and proven technologies, Apollo Smart allows heating oil users to identify the volume of fuel remaining in their tank, monitor heating costs, consumption and emissions too. Apollo Smart now incorporates as standard a Fuel Theft Alarm giving heating oil users that added peace of mind knowing they will be alerted to any sudden level drops within their tank. The Apollo ultrasonic wireless oil tank gauge is a top seller here at BHL.  With the Apollo oil gauge there’s no need to walk outside to your oil tank to check the level of its contents. Now you can check your tank contents level at a glance from the comfort of your home or office. 



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