• 3M


  • Adey


    Adey Professional Heating Products are available to buy online at BHL. Adey are a British success story, innovating, designing and manufacturing a wide range of professional heating products including Magentic Filters such as the Adey Magnaclean Professional, Adey Magnacleanse and a range of Adey chemicals including cleaners and inhibitors. Some of the Adey range is stocked by BHL ensuring fast delivery and low trade prices on the entire Adey range.
  • Afriso


    Afriso, also known as Afriso Eurogauge offer a wide range of safety products designed for heating systems. Operating in the UK since 1962, Afriso design and manufacture to the highest standard products for Heating Oil Storage (Anti Siphon Valves, Fuel Withdrawal Units, Level Switches, Leak Detection and Overfill Prevention Systems). Afriso also produce products for Heating Installations including Boiler Safety Fittings, Solar Pump Units, Vessel Connection Combination Fittings, Cap Valves and Diaphragm Type Safety Valves. Afriso also provide a large range of Hand-Held measuring instruments such as Pressure Temperature, Humidity, Vacuum and Thermistor Probe Test Instruments. BHL are able to supply Afriso products with Fast Delivery and at Great, Trade Prices.

  • Aico


    The Aico Ei range of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms are available online at BHL. Aico design and manufacture a wide range of high quality safety alarms for use in domestic and commercial locations, ensuring that there is a suitable Aico product for every property. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Aico safety products wihich means that we are able to offer Low Trade Price and Fast Delivery on a wide range of Aico products.
  • Aladdin


    Aladdins Autovent from NLB Engineering Limited produce a fully automatic radiator de-aeration valves and associated central heating radiator products. Favoured by homeowners and landlords, the Aladdin Autovent requires no more manual purging of radiators, keeps radiators heat to the top, does not include gas thus reduced corrosion which equals extended component life and avoids costly call out charges of service engineers just to purge radiators. The range of Aladdin Auto Vents are in stock at BHL meaning quick delivery and low prices.
  • Albion


    Albion Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders available online at BHL. Albion offer exceptional, high quality products for use in the Plumbing and Heating industry including Albion Unvented Cylinders, Albion Domestic Cylinders and Albion Renewable Cylinders and Buffer Tanks. The Albion brand is part of the Kingspan group of companies. BHL are able to supply Albion Water Heaters and Albion Hot Water Cylinders online at amazing Trade Prices and with Fast UK Shipping.
  • ALM


  • Alpha


    Alpha's range of high quality Boilers are available to buy at BHL. Alpha have a great pedigree in designing and manufacturing a wide range of energy efficient central heating products including Alpha Combi Boilers, Alpha Heating-Only Boilers and Alpha System Boilers - which are all supplied with comprehensive warranties and guarantees. BHL offer a comprehensive range of Alpha Boilers, Spares and Accessories at Low Trade Prices with Fast UK Shipping. Shop Alpha at BHL now.
  • Amica


    Amica are leading manufacturers of Appliances including Built-in appliances such as Refrigerators, Ovens, Hobs, Hoods, Dishwashers, Microwaves and Freestanding appliances including Amica Free-standing cookers, Refrigerators, Washing machines and Dishwashers. Amica first product was a cooker produced in Wronki in 1957. Today Amica draws upon 50 years of experience in the industry to manufacture and market cookers and a range of other contemporary and stylish home appliance products. Amica is a friendly and useful brand endorsed by its market share and the high praise and satisfaction of its customers. Amica’s versatile range of appliances can be seen in the homes of millions of people in over 40 countries around the world. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Amica products ensuring fast delivery and great trade prices.
  • Andrews


    Andrews Water Heaters available to Buy at BHL. Andrews Water Heaters produce hot water in commercial and industrial applications. Andrews offer a comprehensive range of efficient water heaters for most fuel types including Renewable. The Andrews range of heaters include Storage Water Heaters, Condensing Water Heaters, LZC Renewable and Instantaneous Water Heating solutions. BHL are able to offer Fast UK Shipping and Low Trade Prices on the Andrews Water Heater Range.
  • Apollo


    The Apollo Ultrasonic range of monitors is available to buy at BHL. Apollo Ultrasonic by Dunraven Systems offer a range of oil tank fuel monitors and gauges including both smart, electronic and mechanical - enabling the homeowner to monitor fuel consumption and prevent running out of fuel.
  • Arctic


    Arctic products for the plumbing industry available to buy at BHL. Since the world's first pipe freezing kit in the 1960's, the Arctic range of products has grown to include Smoke Pellets, CO Detectors, Smoke Alarms, Blow Torches, Gas, Lighting and other consumables to their range. BHL are able to offer Low Prices and Fast Delivery on wide range of Arctic products to both Homeowners and Tradesmen alike. When shopping online for Arctic Products, remember to drop BHL first.
  • Ariston


    Ariston Heating Products available to buy at BHL. Ariston Thermo group of Italy provide a wide and comprehensive range of products including Boilers, Cylinders and Water Heaters. Ariston design and manufacture the highest quality products with an emphasis on efficiency and value.
  • Atag


    Atag Heating Boilers available to Buy at BHL. The Atag range of central heating boilers includes Atag Combi Boilers, Atag Heat-Only Boilers and Atag System Boilers - all backed with leading aftersales and warranties.
  • Atlas


    Atlas Oil Storage Tanks, Buy at BHL. When you buy and Atlas Oil Tank, you buy the best. The Atlas Oil Tank range offer a range of tanks for the domestic and commercial market at very competitive prices. Atlas Tanks are available as Bunded Oil Tanks, Single Skin Oil Tanks, Fuel Depots and Water Storage Tanks. Remember, Atlas offer 'everything you want from a tank, Strong, Affordable and Attractive'
  • Awe


  • Baxi


    Baxi Boilers and Heating products are available to Buy at BHL. Baxi have manufactured leading heating products in the UK for a long time. Today Baxi are known for their highly efficient, quality boilers and cylinders and recently their comprehensive range of renewable products. All of which are backed by Baxi's comprehensive warranty scheme for added piece of mind.
  • Bayer


    Bayer Garden care products available at BHL. The Bayer Garden care range of products include a range of garden care, flower care, pest control and tree and shrub care products for both amateur and professional gardeners. BHL supply a wide range of Bayer Garden care products at Low Prices with Fast Delivery. Consider BHL for all your Garden Product requirements including the Bayer Garden care range.
  • Bayliss


    Bayliss are UK manufacturers and suppliers to the Gardening industry. Bayliss Engineering are known for their Bayliss Greenhouse Autovent. Available in a range of models, the Bayliss Greenhouse Autovent opens and closes a Greenhouse's hinged vent automatically using energy from the warmth of the sun or the surrounding air. The hotter it gets, the wider it opens the vent. BHL are now proud to Stock the Bayliss Autovent enabling us to supply this innovative product at Low Trade Prices and with Fast Shipping. Shop online now at BHL for Bayliss Engineering products.

  • Be Modern

    Be Modern

    Be Modern
  • Beta


  • Bfm


  • Bristan


    Bristan Taps, Showers and Spares to Buy at BHL. Bristan's huge range of innovative bathroom and kitchen products includes traditional and moderns ranges for the bathroom including Bristan Taps, Bristan Showers and Bristan Spares. Bristan really do 'make life easier'
  • Briwax


    Briwax is available to buy online at BHL. Briwax has an impeccable heritage which dates back to 1860 when Henry Flack started manufacturing polishes and blending waxes in East London for cabinet makers and woodcarvers. Today the Briwax range of products includes Briwax Original, Danish Oil, Briwax Floor Wax, Briwax Floor Wax, Wax Removing Solution, Furniture reviver & restorer, Liming Wax, Briwax Granite & Marble Wax, Natural creamed beeswax, Shellac Sanding Sealer, Sheradale, Chair Fix Kit, Steel Wool & Pine Brushes, Teak Oil, Touch up Pens and Wax Filler Sticks. If you cannot find the Briwax product on BHL, we will try and source it for you. Contact us with your requirements.
  • Burco


    Burco are specialists in catering equipment. At BHL we supply the Burco Cygnet range of hot water urns which are solid, reliable and great value.
  • Caframo


    Caframo Ecofan's now available at BHL. Caframo are the world leader in thermal electric technology, designing and manufacturing the Caframo Ecofan Stove Fans in Canada for over 10 years. Exceptional quality, the Caframo Ecofan range will work with a wide range of stoves, including Wood Burners, Gas Burners and Solid Fueld Appliances. The Caframo Ecofan will improve the circulation of warm air throughout, increasing your comfort and improving fuel efficiency.
  • Caleffi


    Caleffi are a leading manufacturer of high quality components for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, heat metering and renewables systems, for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Caleffi are now available to buy online at BHL where we offer the best prices including bulk deals on Caleffi products. We are also able to offer a fast delivery service on the Caleffi range. Manufactured in Italy, Caleffi have been designing and manufacturing for over 50 years. The Caleffi range includes Heating Controls, Valves and Vessels.

  • Chimney Balloon Company

    Chimney Balloon Company

    The Chimney Balloon is available to buy online at BHL. Manufactured by the Chimney Balloon Company, this clever little device inflates within your chimney and helps prevent loss of warm air up your chimney and the cold air coming down the chimney. The guaranteed and patented Chimney Balloon is easy to install (inflate) and remove (deflate) whenever you want to light the fire. Available in a range of sizes, the Chimney Balloon is a very cost effective, eco friendly energy saver designed for use in any home with a chimney.
  • Chimney Sheep

    Chimney Sheep

    Chimney Sheep produce eco-friendly chimney draught excluders made from 100% Herdwick wool which are designed to stop the heat lost from an open chimney when not in use. The Chimney Sheep on average saves you around £64 on your heating costs depending on your chimney size, outside temperature and fuel source. The chimney sheep comes in a wide range of sizes and can fit in many types of chimneys. Keep warm and save money this winter with Chimney Sheep.
  • Cistermiser


    Cistermiser Products available at BHL. Cistermiser have been designing and manufacturing high quality, efficient products for the washroom for a number of years including water saving control valves and automated solutions for washrooms. Cistermiser's products can be found all over the UK in most commercial, leisure and industrial facilities.
  • Corgi Controls

    Corgi Controls

    Corgi Controls manufacture a wide range of high quality controls for your central heating system. The range of Corgi heating controls provides a comprehensive choice of popular control devices which include Corgi Programmers and timeswitches for the automatic control of heating and hot water. Corgi Economy 7 timer which enables optimum use of electric water heating. Corgi Thermostats which provide automatic temperature regulation of both the heating and hot water. Corgi Motorised valves for flow control of hot water. Corgi Multi-core flex and junction boxes for installation of controls and Corgi Control packs which provide everything that is needed to control a complete heating system. In addition to this Corgi produce a range of Water Treatment Chemicals which help maintain a heating system. All Corgi heating control products incorporate well established design features allowing for ease of installation and subsequent use by the consumer. BHL are proud to be suppliers and stockists of Corgi Heating Controls enabling us to provide low trade prices and fast shipping.
  • Croydex


    Croydex products are available to buy at BHL. Croydex have been manufacturing high quality bathroom products since 1919. Today the Croydex range includes Croydex Bath Mats, Bath Shower Add On, Bathroom Hooks, Bathroom Shelf, Bin, Bottle Opener, Cistern Lever, Flow Limiter, Grab Bar, Light Pull, Plug, Shower Head, Shower Hose, Shower Kit, Shower Riser Kit, Soap Dish, Soap Dispenser, Squeegee, Storage Basket, Toilet Brush, Toilet Roll Holder, Toothbrush Holder, Towel Rail and Tumblers. The Croydex range is huge providing suitable for any bathroom, traditional or modern. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Croydex bathroom products ensuring that we are able to supply Croydex at Low Trade Prices and with Fast UK Shipping.
  • Danfoss


    Danfoss products available to buy at BHL. Danfoss design and manufacture high quality, efficient products for the HVAC industry including Heating Controls - Programmers, Timers, Radiator Valves and Valves as well as Underfloor Heating components for both the domestic and commercial market. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Danfoss Controls meaning we are able to offer Fast Shipping and Low Trade Prices on all Danfoss controls.
  • Deb


  • Delta Dore

    Delta Dore

    Delta Dore are one of the largest manufacturers of controls in Europe they specialise in heating and cooling, lighting, security and home automation controls. Founded in 1970 by members of the Renault family they have become one of the leading companies in energy efficient controls. See our range of Delta Dore wireless programmable room thermostats which are clear and easy to use.
  • Deltech


    Deltech provide LED Lighting Design and Manufacture. The Deltech range of lighting products is extremely comprehensive and competitively priced for the electrician and homeowner. The Deltech range includes Deltech LED Downlighters, Firerated IP65, Exchangeable Bezels, Matrix High Power LED Dichroic Replacement Lamps, High Power GU10 Dimmable LED Lamps, High Power GU10 300lm+ Non Dimmable Lamps, HP GU10 400 /500 /600 LM LED Non Dimmable Lamps, Deltech 1 LED 3w High Power 50mm Lamps, Deltech 3 LED High Power Colour Lamps, LED High Power MR11 and G4 LEDs, High Power 60mm GLS and 35mm Candle Lamps, GU10 smd Lamps with Built In Reflectors, GU10/MR16/MR11 Long Life LED Lamps, PAR30 / AR111 / PAR38 LED Lamps, External / Internal LED Strips, LED Ceiling Panels 4900 Lumens, TILT (Rotating Ends) T8 LED Tubes 2ft-8ft, 24v T5 Tubes, GL3 LED Exterior WALL / SPIKE Light, MAINS GU10 Garden Light, SHATTER RESISTANT LED FLOODLIGHTS, 12 VOLT AND 24 Volt Power Drivers and Controllers, Lampholders and Deltech PAR38 Single and Twine Spikelights. The range of Deltech lighting and electrical products are available to buy online now at BHL. We offer low trade prices and fast delivery on Deltech.
  • Deva


    Deva Taps available to buy at BHL. Deva manufacture a wide range of bathroom and kitchen products including Deva Taps and Deva Showers designed for both commercial and domestic apllications.
  • Dimplex


    Dimplex products available now at BHL. The Dimplex range is comprehensive within the heating and electrical industry catering for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Amongst the products in the Dimplex range are Heaters, Fires and Stoves, Radiators, Cylinders and Renewables products. Dimplex are a well renowned and respected company within the industry.
  • Drayton


    Drayton design and manufacture heating controls in the UK, for the UK and have a reputation for quality, reliability and technical excellence. Found in homes and commercial properties up and down the country the range includes smart thermostats & multi-zoning systems, TRVs, room thermostats, time controls, wireless controls and motorised valves. Drayton is part of Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries.
  • Dyson


    Dyson manufacture and design an innovative range of Hand Driers and Taps called the Dyson Airblade. The Dyson Airblade hand dryers are the fastest hand dryers on the market. Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers are the most hygienic with the lowest running costs. Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers offer low impact on the environment. Dyson Airblade utilises the latest patented technology with a comprehensive guarantee. The Dyson Airblade Hand Drying Tap offers equally impressive performance and the latest technology. BHL supply a comprehensive range of Dyson Airblade products at low prices with fast UK shipping.
  • EcoDHome


    Ecodhome offer a range of inexpensive Home Automation solutions creating an ‘environmentally friendly & intelligent environment.’ Available online exclusively from BHL, the EcoDHOME range of home automation and energy saving devices hav been developed by SmartDHOME Srl, itself established in 2010. Ecodhome is establishing itself as a leading player in the smart energy market, with products aimed at meeting the needs of an ever more energy and cost conscious consumer. EcoDhome continue to develop technology that promotes an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, through increased energy efficiency. EcoDhome aim is to provide high-tech home automation products to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort levels within the home, all with the lowest possible investment.

  • Elson


    Elson Hot Water products are available online at BHL. Founded back in 1919 in the North East, Elson are known for offering flexible hot water solutions. Elson provide a wide range of products for both domestic and commercial applications including Thermal Stores, Hot Water Cylinders and great value Water Heaters.
  • Eph


  • Everbuild


    Everbuild are leading British manufacturers of sealant, adhesives, building chemicals, roofing products, woodcare, tile adhesives, expanding foam, decorating products, tapes, cleaners, fire cements, plumbing products and floor & worktop trims. BHL stock a wide range of Everbuild products enabling us to offer Fast Shipping and Low Trade Prices on Everbuild products. If you need Everbuild products quicker, come and visit our counter in Barnsley - North Sheffield where we stock a wide variety of products. For Everbuild, think BHL

  • Ferham


    Ferham Tanks are available to Buy online at BHL. Part of the Kingspan group, Ferham manufacture a wide range of cold storage tanks representing the most comprehensive range of cisterns and accessories available within the UK. Ferham tanks can be seen in use across the whole country in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • Fernox


    Fernox products are available to Buy at BHL. Fernox 'Makes Water Work'. As a leading global player in Water Treatment products, Fernox have been responsible over the years for producing a range of innovative products which include traditional plumbing products and water treatment chemicals as well as equipment such as System Filters. Amongst the most popular Fernox products are Inhibitors, Cleaners and Leak Sealers. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Fernox products meaning we are able to offer Fast Shipping and Low Trade Prices on all Fernox products.
  • Fireangel


    Fireangel Safety products available now at BHL. Fireangel by Sprue Aegis, design and manufacture a range of safety products for the domestic, commercial and leisure market. The range of Fireangel products include smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Utilising the latest in technology the Fireangel range provides peace of mind to families throughout the world.
  • Firebird


    Firebird Boilers available now at BHL. Firebird Heating solutions are an Irish based manufacturer of high efficiency heating products including a comprehensive range of condensing Oil Fired Boilers. Other products within the Firebird range include Biomass Boilers and Renewable products.
  • Fiskars


    Fiskars are manufacturers of a large range of quality consumer steel products, famous thanks to their distinctive use of the colour orange. Originally a Finnish manufacturer, Fiskars today manufacture Gardening Tools, Tools and Homeware & Kitchen Accessories. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Fiskars products enabling us to offer fast delivery and low prices on Fiskars products.
  • Flamco


    Flamco Products available to buy from BHL. The Flamco range of products are available across the world supporting the HVAC industry. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards, the Flamco range includes Expansion Vessels, Storage Vessels, Air and Dirt Seperation products, accessories as well as the Brefco Flue Range.
  • Flavel


    Flavel Home Heating products at BHL. Flavel are a long established name within the heating industry. Today, part of BFM Europe, the Flavel name is associated with their comprehensive range of Flavel Gas Fires. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards, the Flavel range includes fires for modern and traditional homes.
  • Floplast


    Floplast Building the Future. Floplast design and manufacture a wide range of products for the building and plumbing industry and applied in domestic and commercial environments. The FloPlast range can be broken down into the following categories, Floplast Rainwater, Floplast Soil and Waste, Floplast Underground Drainage, Floplast Plumbing and MDPE Pipe and Fittings. BHL Stock a large amount of FloPlast which enable us to supply at Low Trade Prices, with Bulk Wholesale Deals for Tradesmen and Stores. This coupled with Fast Shipping Options means that when choosing FloPlast, always consider BHL.
  • Fluidmaster


    FluidMaster Opella available to Buy at BHL. Fluidmaster are leading worldwide designers and manufacturers of Toilet Repairs Products and Toilet Parts for over fifty years. The Fluidmaster range includes Toilet Fill and Flush Valves, Toilet Cisterns, Pan Connectors and Toilets Accessories and Spares. BHL are stockists of a large number of Fluidmaster products ensuring that we are able to deliver your order quickly and efficiently. BHL offer great Low Trade Prices on all Fluidmaster products including selacted Bulk Wholesale Deals. Shop Fluidmaster now at BHL, your one-stop-plumbing-shop.
  • Galaxy Showers

    Galaxy Showers

    Galaxy Showers available to Buy at BHL. The Galaxy Shower range combines state-of-the art technology with economy, practicality and simplicity of operation for all generations. Galaxy's stunning new range is designed specially to help you choose the perfect shower for you and your family to step into. Included in the Galaxy range are Electric Showers, Mixer Showers, Digital Showers and Power Showers.
  • Gardman


    Gardman products available to Buy online at BHL. Gardman provide a huge range of high quality products for the home and garden including Wild Bird Care, Outdoor Lighting and Candles to Pots, Planters and Hanging Baskets, Gardening Footwear and Gloves and even Greenhouses. The Gardman range is a great addition to the BHL portfolio of products. We are stockists of some Gardman garden products ensuring Low Trade Prices and Fast Shipping.
  • GBF


  • Gem


  • Glow-Worm


    Glow-Worm have over 75 years of experience in providing homes with value for money heating and hot water solutions, Glow-worm has built a reputation on providing straightforward and reliable systems you can depend on. Today, Glow-Worm's heating systems cover not just domestic gas boilers, but renewable technologies, domestic controls and hot water cylinders.
  • GP


  • Grant


    Grant Heating Products and Boilers available now at BHL. The Grant range of products include a comprehensive Boiler selection including Oil Boilers and Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers. Grant also design and manufacture high quality Central Heating Cylinders, Renewable products and Heating Controls. Grant offer a comprehensive range of Oil Fired Condensing Boilers including the innovative Grant Vortex range. All this coupled with great prices and superb aftersales means its 'Good to know its a Grant' - BHL are able to offer fast delivery and low trade prices on all Grant Boilers and accessories. Shop BHL for Grant.
  • Greenbrook


    GreenBrook Electrical have an impressive half a century plus within electrical industry. GreenBrook began manufacturing electromechanical relays and has transformed itself through product development and innovation. Today GreenBrook boasts a comprehensive range of innovative electrical products and electrical accessories for use in homes and commercial properties throughout the UK. The GreenBrook range of products includes RCDs, SafetySure RCDs, PowerX Weatherproof, Wiring Accessories, Bells & Chimes, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Timers, Sensors & Security, Heating & Ventilation, Relays, ToolShield, Super Rod, Tools, Cable Termination, Cable Management, Cable Reels, PVC Conduit Accessories, PVC Conduit Tube & Channel, Steel Channel - Galvanised, Mini Trunking & Accessories Cable Cleats & Clamp, Cable Glands & Accessories, Cable Saddles, Cable Clips, Cable Ties, Self Adhesive Fixing Clips & Bases, Perforated Fixing Bands, Tape, Grommets, PVC Sleeving, Malleable Conduit Accessories, Plastic Junction Boxes, Connection Boxes, PVC Enclosures, Boxes, Switch & Socket Boxes, Adaptable Boxes, Rubber Gaskets, Safeplate, Cable Protectors, Fixings, Accessories & Consumables. BHL are stockists of a wide range of GreenBrook products ensuring Low Trade Prices and Fast UK Shipping.
  • Greentech


    Green-tech are manufacturers of landscaping and outdoor maintenance products. Their winter range of products including grit bins and de-icing products are popular with consumers / businesses and local authorities. Our bulk deals on rock salt are great value, why not contact us for bulk rates on grit bins.
  • Grenadier


    Grenadier manufacture the fantastic electric firelighter which gets a fire roaring in just 2 minutes without the use for kindling or chemical firelighters. Grenadier are highly rated by customers and endorsed by celebrities such as Jamie Oliver & Sarah Beeny who rate its ease of use and versatility. The Grenadier firelighter can be used on stoves / range ovens / barbeques and chiminea's.
  • Grohe


    Grohe Bathroom products available now at BHL. Grohe are leading international designers and manufacturers of high quality, luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Taps, Showers and Bathroom Accessories. Grohe offer stylish solutions for modern and traditional homes and prestige commercial developments.
  • Grundfos


    Grundfos Pumps available at BHL. Grundfos are a Danish manufacturer of high quality Pumps for a variety of applications from domestic, through commercial to industrial. Amongst the range of Grundfos Pumps are solutions for the HVAC industry including Central Heating Pumps, Macerator Pumps, Sump Pumps, Condensate Pumps and Shower Pumps. Whatever your pumping need, Grundfos will have a solution.
  • Hagerty


    We are proud to supply Hagerty cleaning products, Hagerty have been world famous since 1895 for products to care for precious possessions including Hagerty Jewellery Care, Hagery Silver Care, Hagerty Gold Care, Hagerty Metal Care, Hagerty Silver Storage, Hagerty Travel Care and General Cleaning products. BHL stock a wide range of Hagerty products ensuring fast delivery and great prices. If you cannot source the Hagerty product on our website, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.
  • Hansgrohe


    Hansgrohe Bathroom Products at BHL. The Hansgrohe range offers a premium, luxury range of exceptionally beautiful Bathroom Taps, Showers, Bathroom Mixers and Bathroom Accessories.
  • HDK


  • Heatmiser


    Heatmiser Controls available at BHL. Heatmiser offer a range of innovative, well engineered products designed to control your heating system efficiently and effectively - in both domestic and commercial environments. The Heatmiser range consists of Thermostats including WIFI as well as Smart Internet Enabled Thermostats. Heatmiser products will work with most Boiler systems and Underfloor Heating systems.
  • Heatrae Sadia

    Heatrae Sadia

    Heatrae Sadia are leading UK designers and manufacturers of quality Heating and Plumbing products. Heatrae Sadia are famous for their Electric range of products and their comprehensive range includes Heaters, Boilers, Cylinders, Renewables and Spares. Heatrae Sadia's products can be found in properties ranging from small Domestic to Large Commercial establishments. From the HQ in Norwich, Heatrea Sadia are renowned for providing excellent technical and after sales service. Heatrae Sadia are available to buy online at BHL.
  • HG


    Here you will find a wide range of HG products, all designed to protect, clean and beautify. Within the HG range are products for Around the house and garden, Bathroom and toilet, Car, boat and caravan, Carpet, vinyl and other flooring, Ceramic tiles, Equipment, Furniture, Gold, silver, copper, Insects and other vermin, Kitchen, Leather, Living room, bedroom and other ..., Natural stone, Parquet, laminate and wooden flooring, Recreation & holiday, Stench, smells & odours and Textiles & clothing.
  • HIB


  • Honeywell


    Honeywell are global designers and manufacturers of high quality HVAC products. In the UK Honeywell are known for their innovative Heating Controls, Valves, Alarms and Detection Products and Home Automation. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Honeywell products which ensure that we are able to offer the Lowest Trade Prices on Honeywell. Our range of Honeywell products includes Honeywell Thermostats, Honeywell Programmers, Honeywell Valves, Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Honeywell Wireless and Honeywell Smart Internet Heating Controls. When considering HVAC products, consider Honeywell and consider sourcing online from BHL.
  • Horstmann


    Horstmann deliver control solutions for domestic central heating and hot water installations meaning more accurate control of time and temperature all around the system. Horstmann design and manufacture a comprehensive range of products including Thermostats, Programmers, Motorised Valves and Wireless Controls. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Horstmann products ensuring we are able to deliver your Hortsmann order quickly and at Low Trade Prices. So when considering HVAC controls, consider Horstmann from BHL.
  • Hotspot


    BHL are proud to stock and supply a wide range of Hotspot stove and fireplace renovation products. Hotspot are the UK's number one manufacturer of fireplace maintenance and renovation products enuring your woodburner, stove and fireplace remain in gleaming condition. The Hotspot range of products include stove and grate paints, Hotspot polish, marble, glass and multi-purpose cleaners as well as a comprehensive range of sealing products such as brick and stone sealers and cement, slate oils and other sealing and finishing products.
  • HRM


    HRM Boilers have been creating high quality, oil-fired-boilers right here in the UK for over 25 years. HRM offer a wide range of Oil Boilers but are perhaps best known for the HRM Wallstar, their wall mounted oil boiler. HRM's product range of Boilers are well engineered offering the homeowner years of trouble free service. HRM boilers are some of the most efficient, quietest, compact and easy to service appliances on the market today and HRM have thousands of satisfied customers throughout the country. BHL are able to offer fast delivery and low trade prices on all HRM boilers and accessories.
  • HSE


  • IBA


  • Insinkerator


    Insinkerator Waste Disposal Products availble now at BHL. InSinkErator UK (Emerson), is the UK and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. Food waste disposers divert around 20 per cent of household waste away from landfill and have been shown to have a smaller carbon footprint than collection by binmen. The Insinkerator range is comprehensive with a unit designed for the smallest family home to a large commercial outlet. Insinkertor also produce innovative steaming hot water taps. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Insinkerator products enabling us to offer Fast Shipping and Low Trade Prices on Insinkerator products.
  • JCB


  • JCC


    JCC Domestic and Commercial Lighting solutions from including JCC FGLED ®, FGLED6 ®, FGLED3 ®, Skytile ®, RadiaLED ®, Coral LED™, ToughLED™, Starspot™, NiteLED™, JCC Domestic, JCC Interior, JCC Fire-rated downlights, JCC Downlights, Undershelf and Cabinet Lighting, Wall & Ceiling lights, Exterior Floodlights, Bollards, Exterior Wall Lanterns, Commercial and Interior Lighting, LED Flat panels, Track & Spotlights, Wall & Ceiling lights, Fire-rated downlights, Industrial Lighting, Bulkheads, Floodlights, Wall & Recessed Lighting, Emergency lighting, Microwave sensing and Microwave dimming. JCC lighting are leaders in the lighting market and have been for over twenty years. BHL are stockists of a wide range of JCC Advanced Lighting products enabling us to offer fast delivery and low trade prices on JCC Lighting products.
  • Johnstones


    We are proud to be stockists of a wide range of Johnstones Paints including Johnstones specialist range of products. Included with the Johnstones range are an incredible range of paint colours for both interior walls and ceilings, exterior paints and products, wood and metal paints and treatments and woodcare products.
  • JSP


  • JVL


  • Kidde


    Kidde Safety are manufacturers and designers of a wide range of carbon monoxide and fire safety products for the home. The Kidde Range includes Kidde carbon monoxide alarms, Kidde smoke alarms, Kidde fire extinguishers, Kidde fire blankets and even Kidde emergency escape ladders. BHL supply a comprehensive range of Kidde products at Low Trade Prices (including Bulk Wholesale deals on selected models) and Fast Shipping. Choose Kidde for all your carbon monoxide and fire safety products and choose BHL for all your Kidde requirements.
  • Kingspan


    Kingspan are one of the largest companies in plumbing and heating who manufacture a wide range of products under a variety of sub brands such as Titan and Klargester. We are working with Kingspan Solar to bring their solar thermal packs at great competitive prices. We offer different packs to suit different needs offering flat panel and tubular systems.
  • L&L


  • Looftlighter


    Looftlighter now available from BHL. The original Looftlighter, from Looft Industries is an innovative and efficient Swedish patented invention that lights your charcoal barbecue grill or fireplace stove with super-heated air in 60 seconds without lighter fluid. It can also “fast-forward” your charcoal or briquettes and make it possible to start cooking in just a couple of minutes. BHL stock the Looftlighter meaning we can deliver this nifty little device very quickly and at a great, low price. Shop Looftlighter online now at BHL.

  • Lord Sheraton

    Lord Sheraton

    The Lord Sheraton range available online at BHL provide a range of products that offer protection for everyday items including Furniture to footwear. Utilising traditional recipes and the best natural ingredients, the Lord Sheraton product range consists of leather wipes, caretaker aerosol, leather balsam and wood balsam. Buy Lord Sheraton products online at BHL, stockists of many Lord Sheraton products.
  • Manor


    The Manor Reproductions range of Fireside accessories and furnishings provide a practical, stylish and functional solution for firesides and fireplaces across the nation. Designed and constructed to the highest of quality, amongst the products in the Manor Fireside range are a great selection of Companion Sets, Log Baskets, Fireguards, Fenders, Log Trays, Coal Buckets, Hod Buckets and a great range of Fireside Accessories. We are stockists of a significant range of Manor Fireside products enabling us to offer you fast delivery and great price on the Manor range.
  • Marigold


    Marigold offer a range of domestic and commercial cleaning solutions including a great range of their famous yellow kitchen glove range, available to buy online at BHL
  • Max


  • Mayweld


    Mayweld are designers and manufacturers of high quality steel tank solutions for oil storage and fuel dispensing. Mayweld offer a wide range of 'off the shelf' steel oil tank solutions along with the opportunity for customers to design their own tank, utilising Maywelds considerable expertise. Mayweld oil and fuel tanks are a quality product at a competitive price. Mayweld also offer a complete and comprehensive range of spares, accessories and related equipment to complement and support your Steel Oil Tank - all available for order and despatch by BHL.
  • McAlpine


    McAlpine Plumbing Products are the 'plumbers first choice' . McAlpine began manufacturing and designing plumbing products early in the 20th Century. In 1957 McAlpine became the first UK company to manufacture Plastic Traps. Today McAlpine a huge range of products of the highest quality for use by Plumbers, Tradesmen and Homeowners both in the UK and throughout the world. Available online from BHL, we stock a wide range of McAlpine products for fast delivery and at great trade prices including these great McAlpine ranges - Traps, Shower & Floor Gullies, Waste Pipe & Fittings, Overflow Pipe & Fittings, WC Connectors, Air Admittance Valves and Waste Outlet Fittings.
  • Megaman


    Megaman are leading UK manufacturers of Energy Efficient Lighting including LED Lighting, CFL Lamps, Reflectors, Decorative Lamps, Tubular Lighting, Clusterlites, Lighting Fixtures, LED Integrated Downlights, Fire Rated Fittings, Downlight Indoor and Emergency Packs. Megaman have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of low energy light bulbs. We are recognised worldwide as an innovative leader in exceptional lamp designLED Lamps LED Professional Series LED Economy Series CFL Lamps Reflector Decorative Tubular Clusterlite Fixtures LED Integrated Downlights Fire Rated Fittings Downlight Indoor Emergency Packs Emergency Pack
  • Mira


    Mira are UK based manufacturers and designers of quality Bathroom Shower products. Most famous for their Shower range of Electric, Power, Digital and Mixer Showers - Mira also manufacture Shower Trays, Shower Enclosures, Taps and a wide range of Mira Accessories and Spare Parts. BHL stock a wide selection of Mira products ensuring quick Delivery and Low Trade Prices.
  • MPK


  • Mr Scrappy

    Mr Scrappy

    Mr Scrappy produce a great range of unique accessories for use with kitchen waste disposers such as Insinkerator and Waste Maid. If you have ever used a Kitchen waste unit you will know the difficulty in disposing of the food into the waste unit, this is where the Mr Scrappy unit comes into its own and becomes a kitchen essential. The other great products from Mr Scrappy include the Mr Scrappy Brush, Mr Scrappy Cleaner and Mr Scrappy wireless controls unit for use where a kitchen island is present. BHL are stockists of great, unique products for the Kitchen including the Mr Scrappy range of products. This means we can offer you fast delivery and great prices on Mr Scrappy.

  • Myson


    Myson are leading manufacturers of Radiators, Fan Convectors, Underfloor Heating, Towel Warmers and Heating Controls. Myson products can be found in homes up and down the country and are well specified by both installers and homeowners. Myson offer a comprehensive range of Radiators including Myson Designer Radiators, Myson LST Radiators and Myson Panel Radiators. Myson Fan Convectors are available for install in kitchen plinths as well as wall mounted. BHL are able to offer low trade prices and fast delivery on Myson Heaters and Radiators.
  • NWT


  • OSO


    OSO are a leading manufacturer of Water Heating products. Based in Norway, OSO have a proud history in the design and manufacture a wide and comprehensive range of efficient and innovative products. Today OSO manufacture products for both the domestic and commercial market including Direct and Indirect Unvented Cylinders and Water Boost Systems. BHL are able to offer OSO cylinders and hot water products at Low Trade Prices with Fast Shipping. Consider OSO for your Hot Water needs and BHL for your OSO requirements.
  • Parasene


    The Parasene range of Gardening, DIY and Homeware products is, as you'd expect from a leading British manufacturer, extremely comprehensive. Parasene have been designing and manufacturing high quality products for a number of years. The Parasene range of products includes items for the Garden, Greenhouse, Fireplace, Spares parts and of course Parsene's famous Heaters. Buy Parasene online now at BHL.
  • Pest-Stop


    Pest problems within the home are seemingly becoming increasingly more common, from Rats and Mice to insect infestations. Proctor Pest-Stop from Pelsis are one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of great quality pest control products for the retail market. Within Pest-Stop's comprehensive range of market leading products comes the traditional Little Nipper mouse traps, various Pest Stop cages, Electronic devices, Garden Pest Control and humane traps. BHL are stockists and suppliers of many of the Pest Stop range of products enabling us to quickly, discreetly, safely and efficiently deliver Pest Stop products to your home at the right price.
  • PG


  • Philex


    Philex are leading manufacturers and distributors of antenna, signal distribution, audio video accessories, computer and electrical power products. The Philex range includes TV Aerials, Aerial Brackets & Fixings, Aerial Amplifiers, Aerial Extension Kits, 4G Filters as well as cables and connectors, power products, AV and a range of Accessories and Spare Part. BHL stock part of the Philex range ensuring great Low Prices and Fast Delivery. Buy Philex now at BHL.
  • Pma


  • Ppp


  • Px


  • RAC


  • Range


    Range Cylinders are UK manufacturers of a wide range of Hot Water Cylinders, accessories and spares. The Range Cylinder portfolio includes Vented and Unvented Cylinders for use in domestic and commercial properties. Range Cylinders also include within their range hot water cylinders and vessels for Renewable Energy. Backed by market leading training and support, when considering a new hot water cylinder, be sure to check out Range.
  • Redbacks


    Redbacks are manufacturers of cushioning and protection products that are used worldwide. They use a patented leaf-spring technology across their range which is expanding. BHL stock the popular Redbacks knee pads which are more effective and longer lasting than traditional foam knee pads.
  • RM Cylinders

    RM Cylinders

    RM Cylinders are independent UK Manufacturers of high quality Hot Water Cylinders for both the domestic and commercial market. RM Cylinders offer a wide model range within their portfolio including unvented, vented and solar cylinders - which are popular with homeowners and installers alike. In addition to great RM Cylinders, 'off the shelf' RM Cylinders are also able to manufacture bespoke cylinder solutions if required.
  • Roberts Gordon

    Roberts Gordon

    Roberts Gordon design and manufacture Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, leisure, retail, agricultural and military applications. Roberts Gordon specialise in gas-fired, low-intensity radiant heaters; gas-fired, unit heaters; gas and oil-fired cabinet heaters; direct-fired make-up air handlers and related controls. Amongst the famous brands from Robert Gordon are the Combat Heater range as well as the Corayvac and Blackheat. BHL supply Roberts Gordon products online at Low Trade Prices with Fast UK Shipping.
  • Rwc


  • Rytons


    Ryton Building Products have been designing Vents and Ventilation products since 1972. Since then, Ryton's extensive range of natural ventilation products have been fulfilling the demands of the house building and construction industry. Ryton's range covers all areas of building ventilation meaning that there's a great choice of high quality ventilators available. BHL are stockists of some of the Ryton range meaning that we are able to offer fast delivery and low trade prices on the Ryton range.
  • Salus


    Salus Controls are available to buy online at BHL. Salus design and manufacture a wide range of high quality, cost effective energy control solutions for use within HVAC markets across the world. The Salus range of controls includes heating programmers, smart internet enabled controls, thermostats, chemicals and filters. Salus Controls are extremely good value and reliable and with fast delivery and great prices available from BHL, Salus should be on the shopping list of anybody looking for heating controls.
  • Saniflo


    Saniflo available to Buy at BHL. Saniflo have, for over 50 years designed and manufactured a range of high quality Macerators and asscociated products which have helped property owners install additional bathrooms, kitchens and utility facilities anywhere without major work. The Saniflo range of Macerators is comprehensive with a unit suitable for most domestic and commercial environments.  

  • Santon


    Santon have been manufacturing quality water heating products for many years. The Santon range offers a comprehensive portfolio which now includes Hot Water Cylinders, Vented and Unvented Water Heaters for both the domestic, commercial and industrial market. Santon build and design top quality and highly reliable products. Santon utilise the latest techniques in research, development and manufacturing which helps ensure that Santon's product range satisfies its customers' requirements and provides excellent value for money. Within the Santon range are models names familiar to those in the industry which include Santon PremierPlus which is a domestic unvented hot water cylinder range. The Santon PowerPack is ideal for serving a basin and shower within a bathroom. Other quality products within the Santon range include Santon Electric boilers and heaters and Santon drinking water boilers and chillers.
  • SCR


    SCR are a family owned company from Sheffield. SCR have developed a unique paint called Insul8ed which is available to buy online from BHL. Insul8ed is an Anti-Mould, Anti-Condensation, Anti-Microbial Emulsion in ONE for use on internal walls and ceilings. Insul8ed Paint will inhibit bacterial growth such as Asp Niger (black mould), MRSA, Ecoli and other common bacteria by up to 99% for the life of the coating, whilst having the benefit of also reducing the rate of which is lost through walls and ceilings when a heating system is active due to the micro sphere technology in the paint thus potentially saving energy costs and reducing carbon footprints. The premium quality Insul8ed Paint will reduce condensation by up to 90% whilst offering a first class finish on internal surfaces. Insul8ed paints are installed in various locations within the British Research Establishment including The British Gas integer property, Main Reception and Main canteen and are used extensively throughout the UK by housing associations, schools and councils. Insul8ed products are eco-friendly non-hazardous, non-toxic and have the potential to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Seldek


    Seldek by DEKS manufacture a wide range of flashings for slate and tile roofs. Seldek products are high quality, using both aluminium and lead flashing solutions for their products. Seldek products can be purchased online at BHL.
  • Sentinel


    Sentinel Solutions manufacture products that protect heating and hot water systems. Sentinel Solutions offer a comprehensive range of products to help achieve best practice protection for domestic and commercial systems, protecting against limescale, corrosion and accompanying problems which can cause inefficiency or failure in systems. Sentinel Solutions products are available to buy Online at BHL. We are Stockists of Sentinel products meaning that we can offer great Low Trade Prices and Fast Shipping. Shop Sentinel at BHL now.
  • SFL Selkirk

    SFL Selkirk

    SFL Chimneys were formerly known as Selkirk Manufacturing. SFL Chimneys have been manufacturing chimney flue products in the UK for over 40 years. SFL Chimneys have established themselves as one of the leading chimney, flue and exhaust brands in Europe, with the SFL range covering a wide range of applications. SFL Chimneys pride themselves on offering the highest quality enabling specifiers, contractors and home owners to use SFL products with total confidence. Manufactured and designed to the highest exacting standard here in the UK, SFL offers a comprehensive range of chimney systems designed to ensure ease of installation, coupled with products tested and manufactured to ensure high thermal performance and long life. The SFL range of systems are designed to work with a variety of appliances of varying outputs and powered by various fuel options.
  • Smiths Heaters

    Smiths Heaters

    Smiths Heaters Environmental products at BHL. Smiths Heaters are a British based design and manufacture company that produce a wide range of energy efficient heating products. The Smith's range of products include Fan Convectors, Flame Effect Fan Convectors, Natural Convectors and Fan Asssisted Electric Heaters. Smiths offer Versatile, Efficient Heating with great Customer Service and Fast Delivery by BHL. We also offer bulk discounts on Smiths Heaters, so whether you are a Homeowner, Plumber or Heating engineer or Kitchen fitter, Shop now at BHL for Efficient, Friendly and Technical Service, Low Prices and Fast Delivery on Smiths Heaters.
  • Spin Secure

    Spin Secure

    Spinsecure manufacture innovative safety and secure products for the home and commercial environments including products for heating oil security and water security. Spin Secure produce both the TankLock and TapLock product. TankLock is a locking device that will fit to a standard 2" fill point inlet on a fuel tank. Its clever design utilises Spin Secure technology in that when the cap is locked it spins freely and is almost impossible to remove. TapLock by SpinSecure has a unique free-spinning design in order to secure taps and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorised use, tampering and water theft. TapLock is made of a hard non ferrous zinc alloy (to prevent rusting) and uses a magnetic locking system that is fully weather and tamper proof. Unlike other security devices TapLock can be keyed alike so that multiple taps can be secured with the convenience of having only one key.
  • Stelrad


    Stelrad are leading UK manufacturers and designers of high quality Heating Radiators and Accessories. Stelrad Radiators are available from BHL. We are able to offer Low Trade Prices and Fast Delivery on the huge and varied range of Stelrad Radiators. With sizes up to 3m and a great range of exciting designs, you can be assured of finding the right Stelrad Radiator for your home that will compliement any interior. The Stelrad range includes Stelrad Designer Radiators, Stelrad Towel Radiators, Stelrad LST Radiators and Stelrad Panel Radiators. Shop Stelrad Radiators now at BHL are speak to our team for advice and sizing details.
  • Stovax


    Stovax products are now available to buy online at BHL. Stovax are a British based designer and manufacturer of high quality, stylish and practicle Stoves and Fireplace Accessories. The range of Stovax products available online are the comprehensive range of Stovax Spares and Stovax Fireplace Accessories. Included in our Stovax range are a wide selection of Stove and Fireplace Care and Maintenance products, Companion Sets, Fire Screens, Hearths and Fenders, Stove Pipe as well as Scuttles and Log Holders. We are able to supply Stovax products quickly and at Low Internet prices. Please contact us directly for prices on Stovax Stoves and Fires.
  • STP


  • Stuart Turner

    Stuart Turner

    At BHL we have an extensive range of Stuart Turner pumps available to suit your needs. We sell the best selling Stuart Turner shower pump ranges such as the Stuart Turner Monsoon, Stuart Turner Techflo & Stuart Turner Showermate. Stuart Turner manufacture a variety of pump solutions such as booster pumps, submersible pumps and macerator pumps.
  • Swa


  • Symphony


    Symphony are leading manufacturers and designers of air cooling solutions to help customers keep their surrounding environment cool and comfortable for both domestic and commercial applications. Symphony provide domestic, commercial and industrial air coolers across various models. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Symphony air cooling products enabling us to offer fast delivery and low trade prices on the Symphony Air Cooling range.
  • Syr


  • Thermoforce


    Thermoforce are a British manufacturer who are at the forefront of of Greenhouse accessories including Greenhouse Ventilation. Thermoforce were the first company to patent and manufacture an automatic solar powered opener for greenhouses. Thermoforce enjoy a consistent reputation as a manufacturer of quality greenhouse products and accessories which include Thermofor® and Camplex® range of products. 

    Thermoforce continue to invest in research and development which has resulted in a range of products being designed to meet exacting criteria for controlling plant environment, which, together with reliability, ease of installation and operation, has led to award winning recognition of Thermoforce products in Europe.

    Amateur gardeners and commercial growers will find the Thermoforce product range both competitively priced and cost effective which are available to buy, with fast free delivery from BHL - proud stockists of Thermoforce items.

  • Timeguard


    Timeguard are manufacturers of a range of high quality Timers, Lighting, Safety and Climate products. The Timeguard range of innovative products embrace energy efficiency and new technology. Within the Timeguard range are Time Controllers, Immersion Heater Timers, Timeswitches, LED Lighting, Eco Energy Saving Lighting, Bulkheads and Lanterns, PIR Controllers and Automatic Light Switches. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Timeguard products which enable us to offer you great, Low Trade Prices and Fast Delivery.
  • Titan


    Titan Environmental are manufacturers and designers of high quality Fuel Storage Tanks including Titan Bunded Oil Tanks, Titan Single Skin Tanks and Titan Fuel Depots. Titan lead the way in fuel storage tank design and in-tank technology. Titan Environmental, from Kingspan Environmental are without question, the markets premier product range of fuel tanks and oil tank storage essentials. BHL supply the complete Titan Tank range. We are able to offer a comprehensive Nationwide delivery service, this coupled with Low Trade Prices means buying your Titan Tank from BHL makes perfect sense.
  • Trianco


    Trianco Heating Products are available to Buy at BHL. Trianco have been designing and manufacturing perfectly engineered and superbly produced heating products for a number of years. From Trianco's Sheffield factory, the Trianco range is designed for domestic and commercial properties, the Trianco range today consists of Trianco Electric Boilers, Trianco Solid Fuel Boilers, Trianco Oil Boilers, Biomass Boilers, Stoves, Heat Pumps and a huge range of Trianco Spare Parts and Accessories. Because of our great heritage with Trianco, BHL are able supply Trianco units at very Competitive Prices, Great Technical Support with a Fast Delivery Service. When considering buying Trianco products come to BHL.     

  • UHU


  • Vaillant


    Vaillant are pioneers in the heating industry, having innovated, produced and introduced ground breaking technology including the first combi boilers. For almost 150 years Vaillant have led he way in developing and manufacturing innovative heating and hot water systems. Today, Vaillant design and develop and set new, high standards in quality, performance, reliability and efficiency, which bring the homeowner greater levels of heating comfort which help to reduce energy bills. The range of Vaillant products incorporates award winning boilers (Vaillant EcoTec Combi, System and Heat Only), hot water cylinders and efficient controls, giving you even more flexibility with your heating system. Vaillant also offer a comprehensive range of renewable heating technologies.
  • Varilight


    Varilight are UK based manufacturers and designers of quality lighting and electrical products including Dimmer Switches, Switches, Sockets, Dimmable Energy Saving Lamps, Wiring Accessories and Transformers. The Varilight range of switches are available in a range of finishes to compliment any decor, including Brass and Brushed Steel. BHL are stockists of a wide range of Varilight products meaning we are able to offer Fast Delivery and Low Trade Prices on Varilight products.
  • Vax


  • Vent Axia

    Vent Axia

    Vent-Axia are British designers and manufacturer of ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment. The Vent Axia range of ventilation products are designed for domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation applications. The Vent-Axia domestic range of ventilation products are designed for use in the bathroom and kitchen and include axial or centrifugal, wall, ceiling or window applications . The Vent-Axia range are innovative and energy efficient solutions which can offer up to 90% energy saving over the equivalent traditional fan. BHL stock a wide range of Vent-Axia fans meaning that we are able to offer Low Trade Prices and Fast Shipping on Vent Axia.

  • Vim


  • Vitcas


    Vitcas are manufacturers of heat resistant products for the fireplace and stove industry. The Vitcas range of high quality products stocked by BHL are for use in open fires, free standing stove and cassette fireplaces and include Heat Resistant Filler and Sealants, Fire Cement, High Temeperature Stove Paint, Fireside Accessories and Glass Cleaner. BHL are stockists of some Vitcas products ensuring Fast Delivery and Low Trade Prices. For Stove and Fireplace Accessories consider Vitcas and consider BHL for all your Vitcas requirements.
  • W4


  • Wallace & Squires

    Wallace & Squires

    We are delighted to introduce the Wallace and Squires brand. Wallace and Squires offer an exciting range of cleaning and maintenance products including specialist products for the home, garden, workplace, DIY and automotive industry. Included within the Wallace & Squires range are our very own Patio Sealer, the Wallace & Squires Macerator descaler and the Wallace & Squires Caravan Cleaner.
  • Walsall Wheelbarrow Company

    Walsall Wheelbarrow Company

    Think Wheelbarrows and those in the know think Walsall Wheelbarrow Company, the only manufacturer of wheelbarrows in Great Britain producing an unsurpassed range of products. Walsall Wheelbarrows are a family business that have been manufacturing for over 60 years. Walsall Wheelbarrow Company manufacture Garden and DIY wheelbarrows, Construction Wheelbarrows, Agricultural Wheelbarrows as well as Barrow-in-a-Box. BHL are stockists of some of the Walsall Wheelbarrows enabling us to offer a fast delivery service at great prices.
  • WasteMaid


    If you are looking for a Kitchen Waste Disposer consider WasteMiad. WasteMaid Elite Food Waste Disposers carry some of the best and most unique features in the industry which include odour protection and a completely balanced grinding system which offers the fastest, smoothest and quiet grinding. WasteMaid offers an alternative to high priced, old line disposers. WasteMaid kitchen disposers offer high quality specification, quality materials and design features while being very competitively priced. Bio-Shield Antimicrobial provides protection against bacteria-caused odours. Waste Maid is the only disposer with Bio Shield, a unique antimicrobial agent, permanently molded into the “wet” components of the disposer to eliminate bacteria-caused odours. This feature also inhibits the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms. Waste Maid is also the only disposer with the Torque Master grinding system which features balanced turntables and balanced armatures as the heart of the system. This, along with corrosion proof components provide for less vibration and longer life. All Waste Maid disposers have modern, permanent magnet motors that are smaller, lighter and more efficient than the old, slow and heavy induction motors. These high torque motors produce 2600 or 2700 rpm virtually eliminating jams before they can happen. Waste Maid disposers also have removable splash guards (continuous feed only) for easy cleaning and replacement and all of our disposers are septic safe. All WasteMaid disposers have the Speed Master mounting system and along with attached power cords make installation the fastest ever. BHL are stockists of the Wastemaid range enabling us to offer a fast and efficient delivery service throughout the UK.
  • Worcester Bosch

    Worcester Bosch

    Worcester Bosch are leading manufacturers and designers of energy efficient Heating and Renewable products. Worcester Bosch are perhaps most well known for their range of energy efficient Boilers which include models for Gas, LPG and Oil Fired applications. The Worcester Bosch range of Boilers, available now at BHL, include models for both domestic and commercial applications. Worcester Bosch also produce and provide a range of Renewable products such as Solar systems and Heat Pumps as well as a comprehensive range of spares and accessories to complement the Worcester range.
  • Zig


  • Zip


    Zip Water Heaters along with Zip Water Chillers are designed and made in Australia. The Zip name and brand in famous throughout the world thanks to their range of innovative and market leading products. Zip Instant Water Heaters along with Zip's range of filtered drinking water products are specified throughout the world and can be found in commercial and leisure environments as well as homes. You can be sure of a well made, designed and manufactured product with Zip and Zip are now available to be bought online at BHL.
  • HIVE


  • Warmflow



  • Ideal Commercial

    Ideal Commercial

    Ideal Commercial product range.

  • Netatmo


    Experience the comfort of a Smart Home: Smart Thermostat, Security Camera with Face Recognition Weather Station and more. Save energy and money with these smart options now available on for brilliant prices.