LPG Fires

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LPG Fires

LPG fires are fuelled by liquefied petroleum gas, also referred to as simply propane of butane, are flammable mixtures of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliance, cooking equipment, and vehicles. LPG fires are ideal for homes without a mains gas supply as LPG models run just as efficiently and effectively. Most models are now available as LPG versions so you can operate them from either bottled gas or from a larger tank in the garden, in most rural areas LPG is readily available. Our wide range of LPG fires ensures that you’ll find something suitable for you and your home.

Safety First:

LPG vapours escaping from a container to the atmosphere, unless burning is not readily visible but under certain circumstances can be detected:

1)    In much or the same way as heat waves can be seen rising from a hot object or,

2)    By the sound of the escaping gas if the leak is large enough.

Small leaks may be found by applying soapy water, never look for a leak using a naked flame. In an emergency situation it is of paramount importance to avoid endangering human life, always ensure to approach a fire or leak from upwind. Keep all persons, except those necessary to deal with the emergency at least 60 meters away from the area. If escaping gas is not on fire, close any valve which will stop of reduce the flow of gas. Small lines such as copper tubing may be flattened to stop the flow. Where LPG vapour or liquid is escaping and has not been ignited, it is not, except under certain conditions, a good policy to ignite it. There is no way of telling how far or exactly where the gas vapour has travelled to.

Big Brands:

Flavel are leaders in the LPG market, and manufacture a range of fires to suit any style. Flavel’s origin can be traced back to 1777 when J Flavel acquired an iron foundry in Bilton near Rugby/ In 1833 S Flavel continued his farther pioneering spirit building the Eagel foundry/ By the end of the nineteenth century Flavel was again at the forefront of the second kitchen revolution with the introduction of a series of gas cookers. In 2002 the Flavel brand was acquired by Beko, one of the largest domestic appliance manufacturers to the UK. Flavel is now synonymous with quality and innovation, and these values are maintained throughout the range today. They ensure that the quality of the design, material and construction of our products remain uncompromised. Modern manufacturing techniques used at the state of the art production facility meet the exacting standard of quality required by today’s consumers. BHL are certain that you’ll be more than satisfied with a Flavel LPG fire, as every fire is developed and manufactured in Britain at their purpose built facility.