Gas Stoves

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Gas Stoves

Country or city, traditional or contemporary, the gas stove has the flexibility to suit your lifestyle and your décor. Natural gas and propane are both gas fuels widely used in cooking and heating. In most of the world, natural gas is distributed through a centralised pipeline network, while propane is almost always sold in tanks of various sizes. Creating a centrepiece in your home has never been easier with a gas stove. Gas stoves are a hassle free way of heating your home. They are easy to control and are for both conventional and balanced flue and also choices of either coal or log effect. With the gas stoves you get a real flame effect and will always have a fantastic glow in your room, with no fuss or mess! Gas stoves are probably the most convenient stoves, for those people seeking real living flame effect from a hassle free heating solution. A gas stove gives you instant heat you can turn on and off as required using easy controls, or sometimes even using a remote control.

Big Brands:

Here at BHL we only stock the most reputable brands, including Morso and Yeoman. Yeoman is a fantastic manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience in stoves. There extended warranty on all solid fuel, gas and electric stoves makes them a popular choice with the customers. Solid fuel and gas stoves can be extended from the standard 12 months warranty to a total of five years; electric stoves can be extended a further 12 months to a total warranty period of 2 years. Yeoman only stocks their products with experiences, independent retailers such as us here at BHL. BHL also stock a wide selection of Dovre stoves, Dovre takes its company name from a range of Norwegian mountains and has more than 60 years’ experience in manufacturing stoves and fireplaces for the harshest of Artic winters. All of the products manufactured by Dovre are durable and reliable, made from cast iron it is proven that these products have better heat retention and longevity, as well as the ability to be crafted into a huge variety of shapes and textures.


The increasing popularity of stoves is accompanied by warning from local authorities that suitable appliances should be fitted by experts with the experience and qualifications to ensure a newly installed stove is safe, efficient and complies with building regulations. A recent addition to the regulations states that where a new or replacement fixed solid fuel appliance is installed, a carbon monoxide alarm should be provided in the room where the appliance is located. Stoves can provide a safe and enjoyable way to heat your home. Simply ensure your stove is suitable for your home, installed efficiently, inspected regularly by experts, and monitored by a carbon monoxide alarm, to have peace of mind and maximum efficiency.