Commercial Boiler Accessories

Commercial Boiler Accessories

Boiler accessories are those components which are installed either inside or outside the boiler and its neighbouring area to increase the efficiency of the plant and to help in the proper working of the plant. They include the likes of blanking off kits and boiler bodies along with much more. Some of the most important accessories include; burners, adaptors and flue extensions.

Affordable Accessories:

Not only do BHL stock the widest variety of accessories we beat most leading traders price too! For under £8 you could have an Ideal step stud pack, BHL can help you find market leading brands at affordable prices. Even big brands come at a low price; grab a bargain when purchasing a Vaillant Wh95 Lo Loss HDR mixing bottle. With accessories starting at such a low price we are certain you’ll find what you’re looking for, if you can’t were more than happy to help! Even our best seller items can be purchased at prices that beat all other market leading brands, take a look at the Ideal Evomax Horizontal Flue Kit. Call the cheery staff here at BHL for further advice and information regarding accessories and compatibility.

Assorted Accessories:

BHL stock a vast assortment of commercial boiler accessories from some of the most creditable manufacturers across the country. ATAG, also stocked here at BHL have been building boilers for over 65 years to the highest technical specification at their impressive Netherlands based production plant. They’re renowned worldwide for their engineering excellence; ATAG is a name BHL trust. Vaillant also are a top leading market brand, for more than 140 years Vaillant have been setting the standards in the heating industry. Vaillant UK are proud to be part of the world wide heating and hot water corporation Vaillant Group who has presence in over 20 countries with national sales companies and exports to more than 60 states – its clear BHL made a great decision in trusting Valliant’s reliable boilers and accessories.

Various Accessories:

The weathering collar provides an efficient means of waste water drainage and foul discharge from appliances. It is a flue vent which allows the safe expulsion of steam and noxious gases resulting from the boilers normal operation. There are different models of flue which are dependent on the appliances location in the building and what type of unit is fitted. BHL recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified gas safe certified technician.

Hydraulic Separators are compact economical units that allow fast and efficient installation of primary and secondary piping for many different boilers. Installing this unique Hydraulic Separator offers the additional advantage of assisting in the removal of unwanted air and dirt particles, preventing their damaging effects on system components. It is especially suitable for today’s smaller boilers that tend to have a much higher flow resistance.

Baffles are flow directing or obstructing vanes or panels used in some industrial process vessels, such as shell and tube heat exchangers, chemical reactors and static mixers. Baffles are an integral part of the shell and tube heat exchanger design and are designed to support tube bundles and direct the flow of fluids for maximum efficiency. The baffles main roles include; holding tubes into position, preventing the effects of vibration, and increasing fluid velocity. 



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