Boiler Flues

Boiler Flues

BHL supply an exceptional range of boiler flues that are perfect for use in heating installations. A boiler is a duct, pipe, or opening in a chimney for conveying exhaust gases from a fireplace, furnace, water heater, boiler, or generator to the outdoors. Flues are adjustable and are designed to release noxious gases into the atmosphere. Usually the flue is a metal tube that comes out of the top of a boiler and goes into the wall carrying away unwanted waste gases. A flue in poor condition could put you and your family in danger from carbon monoxide poisoning, BHL are here to ensure that doesn’t happen! We can advise and direct which flue would be most suitable to your boiler. Dependent on the size of the boiler, the flue must be positioned a certain distance from the nearest window, door or air brick, typically BHL have experienced that this is around 30-60cm to the side or above the opening. Some properties are known to have a room sealed fan assisted boiler, where the flue can then pass through wall or ceiling ducts.

Fitting the flue:

Firstly, measure the distance from the external wall to the appliance, and set the flue to the required length. Align the air duct seams, then mark and drill a 3mm hole in the air duct. BHL top tip: be careful not to pierce the inner flue duct, finally secure the joint. Secure the telescopic terminal assembly using the clamping band and be certain to fit it in the correct orientation. Push the telescopic flue assembly into the wall and through the grips, pull the flue assembly forward to the required depth, and then secure the flue. If required, fir the internal sealing collar onto the locating ring, push the telescopic flue assembly through the grips and wall until the sealing collar has exited the hole. BHL recommend you have someone qualified in the profession, install your boiler – if you were to install your own boiler its warranty would then be void.  Finally pull the flue assembly forward to the required depth then secure the flue. Alternatively, give BHL’s benevolent team a call to discuss fitting a flue, or a boiler.

Fanciful Flues:

BHL stocks a wide variety of prestigious brands, from Alpha to Worcester were certain we will have what you’re looking for. Alpha’s roots stretch back nearly 50 years, from fledging local heating installation business to prestigious national heating appliance manufacturer, hence BHL’s trust in their products. Today Alpha is recognised throughout the UK as one of the heating industry’s leading lights, their flues are of top standard and their high quality components come with generous all-inclusive guarantees. Vaillant also are a top leading market brand, for more than 140 years Vaillant have been setting the standards in the heating industry. Vaillant UK are proud to be part of the world wide heating and hot water corporation Vaillant Group who has presence in over 20 countries with national sales companies and exports to more than 60 states – its clear BHL made a great decision in trusting Valliant’s reliable flues and boilers. Firebird is committed to the on-going development of innovative heating products. Alongside their renowned condensing boilers, they have a wide range of reputable flues that BHL are proud to stock.

Affordable Flues:

BHL are here for you, which is why we stock flues from as little as £2, BHL has something for everyone. Our most expensive range flies right up to £900; however that’s not always necessary. We can guarantee we’ve got what you’re looking for. Some of our inexpensive flues are a top hit with the customers, so why not browse to find the right flue for you? Even top brands do a less expensive range, Worcester, Biasi and Grant can also be purchased for below £50. If you’re not just looking for a flue why not find a full flue kit for at a small extra cost. Alternatively give the helpful team at BHL a ring for further assistance around our affordable, fanciful flues.

Finding the right flue for you:

Here at BHL we strive to be as helpful as possible when it comes to finding you the perfect product. The gas saver unit is an innovative, low cost product that sits neatly between your boiler and the flue. By recycling flue gas heat that would normally be expelled into the atmosphere to pre- heat incoming cold mains water, it reduces the amount of gas required to heat the water meaning lower energy bills an grater carbon saving, because BHL love saving you money, the gas saver unit also reduces water usage and increases the hot water flow rate. Plume kits are designed to reposition the plumage exhaust for a number of reasons; the plume kit is an optional extra to the flue supplied for the boiler. Flue systems and associated components must be installed only by a competent person in accordance with the installation instructions and correct gas safety regulations 1998. There are other standards to also be followed such as: flues and ventilation for gas appliances of rated heating no exceeding 70Kw and failure to install correctly could lead to prosecution.



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