Boiler Accessories

Boiler Accessories

Boiler accessories are those components which are installed either inside or outside the boiler and its neighbouring area to increase the efficiency of the plant and to help in the proper working of the plant. They include the likes of adjustable plates and brackets, covers and valves along with much more. Some of the most important accessories include; pumps, brackets and valves which can all be purchased right here at BHL.

Assorted Accessories:

Stocking such a wide variety doesn’t just make it easy for you find what you’re looking for here at BHL it makes it effortless. Our monstrous brands including the likes of Biasi, Grant and Potterton make us the leading company for diversity. Firebird is committed to the on-going development of innovative heating products. They’re renowned for their boilers and complementing accessories. They’re committed to the on-going development of innovative heating products. Alongside their renowned condensing boilers, they have a wide range of reputable accessories that BHL are proud to stock. Vaillant also, a top leading market brand, for more than 140 years Vaillant has been setting the standards in the heating industry. Vaillant are proud to be part of the world wide heating and hot water corporation Vaillant Group who has presence in over 20 countries with national sales companies and exports to more than 60 states – its clear BHL made a great decision in trusting Valliant’s reliable boilers and accessories. Worcester, originally founded in 1962, is the market leader in domestic boilers. Their commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing over the last 50 years has led their boilers to win the ‘Which? Best Buy Award’. Safety is a priority here at BHL; that’s why our boilers are only supplied by the most reputable manufacturers, because BHL are looking out for you. If you require any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact the delightful team here at BHL, who will try their hardest to give you all the information you need.

Affordable Accessories:

Not only do BHL stock the widest variety of accessories we beat most leading traders price too! With accessories starting at such a low price we are certain you’ll find what you’re looking for, if you can’t were more than happy to help! Call the cheery staff here at BHL for further advice and information regarding accessories and compatibility.

Varied Accessories:

BHL don’t just have an impressive selection of brands, we also have a magnificent selection of accessories at even better prices. Condensing pumps is a simple and proven principle that ensures reliable and effective operation. Working in the opposite water to a water turbine, a condensate pump transfers energy from a powerful motor to the condensate water via a rotating impeller. This action creates the pressure needed to pump condensate water up and away through an unobtrusive thin clear tube; the condensate water is then disposed of in a soil stack or outside drain point. Usually condensate pumps usually run intermittently through the use of a small tank in which the condensate water accumulates.

Thermostatic valves mix the hot and cold water supplied to produce a temperature controlled flow. The hot water supply is typically around 60 degrees and is maintained at this temperature to prevent the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria. A supply of higher temperature water is also requires for cleaning and washing purposes in the kitchen and laundry while also increasing the overall capacity of warm water.

In accordance with Water Regulations, supply pipe work should be flushed at full bore to completely remove any debris and organic matter prior to commissioning all mixing valves and shower valves. The flushing kit enables effective flushing after installation of showers. The flushing kit should also be used periodically to flush the supply pipework at an elevated velocity.

When installations require a vertical flue you may require a pitched roof flashing kit to seal the gap between the rood and the flue. Any water penetration can be dealt with using the kit, ensuring no water can get through the gaps where the flue goes through the roof.



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