Biomass Boilers

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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers -commonly known as wood fuelled heating systems - burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers. A biomass boiler can be used in place of a standard gas or oil boiler to heat radiators for a whole house and to heat hot water seeing as BHL wouldn’t want you being cold this winter. Biomass boilers are often larger than gas or oil equivalents so BHL recommend you clear a space to store the fuel, this area should be somewhere that’s handy for deliveries as well as appropriate for feeding the boiler. Some companies now offer deliveries of pellets anywhere in mainland Britain and Northern Ireland while the supply of logs in more variable so don’t worry about the materials. Biomass boilers should be kept clean and swept regularly to remove ash, the quantity of ash is generally low but BHL advice that you should empty the ash bin weekly. If you’re like us here at BHL and love the environment then why not try a biomass boiler as they’re an environmentally friendly heating solution. They can also be more cost effective and efficient than fossil fuel boilers, especially in rural or off mains gas areas.

Big Branded Boilers:

BHL always stock the most reputable brands, including Baxi and Trianco. Trianco heating products are available to buy at BHL and are of the highest quality. Trianco have been manufacturing perfectly engineered products for a number of years. The Trianco range is designed for domestic and commercial properties; great technical support with a fast delivery service has just blazed through BHL. Baxi have a large range of boilers to suit every home, as part of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributers of domestic and commercial water and space heating systems, which is why here at BHL we put our trust in Baxi to provide us with the most reliable and trustworthy boilers.

What’s that output?

Biomass boilers can represent huge financial savings over fossil fuels. A recent installation that was completed for a 100kW system running on wood chips will gain fuel cost savings of 75% or in excess of £6,000 a year over heating oil. Typically, a 198kW system running on wood chips would save over £8,000 a year over oil.


BHL recommend you have someone qualified in the profession, install your boiler – if you were to install your own boiler its warranty would then be void.  For further installation information please contact us.