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  • Popular BHL Products

  • Stovax Thermolac Matt Black

    Stovax Thermolac Matt Black available to buy online from BHL. We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Stovax Thermolac Matt Black. We also offer a complete range of Stovax Thermolac Matt Black accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

    Stovax Thermolac Matt Black is part of the wide range of BHL products

    Stovax Thermolac Matt Black is manufactured by the Stovax

    £9.00 ex VAT
    (£10.80 inc VAT)
  • Grenadier Electric Firelighter 240v (UK model)

    Lights most open fires and stoves in just 2 minutes with no mess and no fuss.

    Solid fuel fires are wonderfully comforting; when they’re lit and roaring. However, they can be a real hassle to get going, with matches, paper, sticks and smelly chemical firelighters.

    But, with the award-winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter, lighting a fire is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    1. There’s no need to clear the grate. Just riddle through the fine ash, leave the cinders and put on the fuel.
    2. Put the Grenadier in position on the hearth with the cast iron nozzle just touching the fuel.
    3. Turn on the Grenadier. As a safety precaution, the heating element can only be switched on with a removable safety key. Once the fire is lit you can then switch off the heat and let the built-in fan blow like bellows until the fire’s going really well.

    The Grenadier Electric Firelighter is guaranteed to light any solid fuel fire, including wood, coal and smokeless fuel within minutes.  Its secret lies in it powerful, concentrated heat which is directed onto the fuel by the built-in fan. The fuel quickly reaches burning point, getting fires going quickly, efficiently and easily.

    The Grenadier has a versatile stand which is easily adjustable to the correct height and angle for your fire.The stand has a wide base for stability and is both sturdy and lightweight.

    Safety is an important part of electric firelighter design. With its all-metal construction and 'BEAB Approved' European Safety Mark, the Grenadier has built an unsurpassed safety record through decades of both domestic and commercial use.

    As well as stoves and open fires, the Grenadier also lights barbecues and has the major benefit of producing clean heat with no odours, unlike liquid or chemical firelighters. No chemical taste is transferred to the food and the barbecue will be ready to cook much faster. The Grenadier also makes the problems of lighting a garden incinerator a thing of the past too. Simply load up the refuse and switch on the Grenadier. The fire will burn quickly and efficiently, so you can burn much more, and you won’t be left with smoke in your eyes, chasing charred newspaper round the garden.

    No home with a traditional fire or stove should be without a Grenadier Electric Firelighter.
    Order yours today!

    Case dimensions excluding handle H: 15.5cm W: 14.0cm D: 10.5cm

    Tube length including nozzle: 30cm

    Nozzle diameter: 2.9cm

    Maximum tube height above ground (to underneath of tube when tube is horizontal): 31cm

    Overall stand base dimensions 21cm x 21cm

    Cable length: 2.0m

    Cable type: Fire resistant

    Warranty: 12 Months, covering faulty materials and workmanship

    Weight: 2.5kg

    Element: 1100W

    Motor: 15W

    Voltage:- UK: 240V AC (Cat. No. 001)
    Continental: 230V AC (Cat. No. 002; fitted with continental plug)

    £104.99 ex VAT
    (£125.99 inc VAT)
  • Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Twin Pack Ksc01Sa

    Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Twin Pack Ksc01Sa available to buy online from BHL. We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Twin Pack Ksc01Sa. We also offer a complete range of Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Twin Pack Ksc01Sa accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

    Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Twin Pack Ksc01Sa is part of the wide range of BHL products

    Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Twin Pack Ksc01Sa is manufactured by the Kidde

    £19.02 ex VAT
    (£22.82 inc VAT)
  • Triton Pressure Relief Device PRD 82800450

    The Triton Pressure Relief Device PRD 82800450 is a safety device complete with a rubber ball seal it is suitable for the following Triton electric showers

    • Triton Alicante
    • Triton Amber 3
    • Triton Aquatronic 1 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 2 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 2 Ultra
    • Triton Aquatronic 3
    • Triton Aquatronic 3 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 3 Ultra
    • Triton Aquatronic 4 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 4 Ultra
    • Triton Aspirante
    • Triton Aspirante Electric
    • Triton Aspirante Millenium
    • Triton Aspirante Topaz
    • Triton Aspirante XR
    • Triton Aviva
    • Triton Belize
    • Triton Bezique 2
    • Triton Biarritz 2
    • Triton Biscay 2
    • Triton Cara
    • Triton Caselona
    • Triton Caselona 2
    • Triton Caselona 3
    • Triton Collections
    • Triton Colourwave
    • Triton Desire
    • Triton Enchant
    • Triton Enlight
    • Triton Enrich
    • Triton Entice
    • Triton Excite
    • Triton Excite Eco
    • Triton Forte
    • Triton Inscriptions
    • Triton Ivory 2
    • Triton Ivory 3
    • Triton Ivory 4
    • Triton Jade 2
    • Triton Jade 3
    • Triton Kito
    • Triton Madrid 2
    • Triton Marbella
    • Triton Millenium
    • Triton Millenium Care
    • Triton Opal 2
    • Triton Opal 3
    • Triton Osiris
    • Triton Passion
    • Triton Pietra electric shower
    • Triton Prostyle Plus
    • Triton Rapide 2 Plus
    • Triton Rapide 3
    • Triton Rapide 3 Plus
    • Triton Rapide 4 Plus
    • Triton Rapide R1
    • Triton Rapide R2
    • Triton Rapide R3
    • Triton Safeguard
    • Triton Safeguard Care
    • Triton Safeguard Care Pumped
    • Triton Safeguard Pumped
    • Triton Sambada
    • Triton Seville
    • Triton Shannon
    • Triton Spellbind
    • Triton T100e Care (New Style)
    • Triton T100e Care Plus
    • Triton T100e Care Thermostatic
    • Triton T100em Care
    • Triton T100xr
    • Triton T150z
    • Triton T150z Pumped
    • Triton T70si
    • Triton T70xr
    • Triton T70z
    • Triton T75 - 8.5kW
    • Triton T75 - 9.5kW
    • Triton T80si
    • Triton T80si Extra
    • Triton T80si Pumped
    • Triton T80xr
    • Triton T80xr Eco
    • Triton T80z
    • Triton T80z Fast Fit
    • Triton T80z Slimline
    • Triton T80Z Thermostatic - Chrome
    • Triton T80Z Thermostatic - White
    • Triton T900pi
    • Triton T90si
    • Triton T90xr
    • Triton Topaz T100si
    • Triton Topaz T80si
    • Triton Touch 8.5kW
    • Triton Touch 9.5kW
    • Triton Trance 2nd Generation
    • Triton Zante
    • Triton Zante 2
    • Triton Zante 3
    £4.20 ex VAT
    (£5.04 inc VAT)
  • Fireangel ST-620 Smoke Alarm 10 Year Life

    The groundbreaking Thermoptek™ technology in the ST-620 provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm and removes the need for ionisation alarms - putting the environment first.

    This is the smoke alarm of choice for the UK's Fire & Rescue Services.

    Thermoptek™ technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smouldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm

    We recognise that not all batteries are made the same – the ST-620 includes 10-year laser-welded lithium power pack which prevents moisture ingress to ensure the alarm will remain powered for life

    An all new and improved universal backing plate guarantees quick and easy fitting

    A larger, concave central button has been designed for easier silencing and weekly testing of the alarm

    The ST-620 is the first of FireAngel's Green Product Initiative. Every scrap of excess has been removed, from plastic in the alarm casing, a single sealed battery to last the life of the alarm (as opposed to 10 replacement batteries) and environmental packaging. The planet has been considered at every juncture of the alarms development

    BSI Kitemark certified to BS EN 14604

    £10.00 ex VAT
    (£12.00 inc VAT)
  • Stovax Limestone Cleaner

    Stovax Limestone Cleaner available to buy online from BHL. We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Stovax Limestone Cleaner. We also offer a complete range of Stovax Limestone Cleaner accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

    Stovax Limestone Cleaner is part of the wide range of BHL products

    Stovax Limestone Cleaner is manufactured by the Stovax

    £3.89 ex VAT
    (£4.67 inc VAT)

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