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  • Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner (Bottle) 500ml

    Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner (Bottle) 500ml available to buy online from BHL. We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner (Bottle) 500ml. We also offer a complete range of Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner (Bottle) 500ml accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

    Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner (Bottle) 500ml is part of the wide range of BHL products

    Hotspot Fireplace Cleaner (Bottle) 500ml is manufactured by the Hotspot

  • Vitcas Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive - White 30ml

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive-White 30Ml available to buy online from BHL. We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Vitcas Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive-White 30Ml. We also offer a complete range of Vitcas Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive-White 30Ml accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive-White 30Ml is part of the wide range of BHL products

    Vitcas Heat Resistant Rope Seal Adhesive-White 30Ml is manufactured by the Vitcas

  • Triton Pressure Relief Device PRD 82800450

    The Triton Pressure Relief Device PRD 82800450 is a safety device complete with a rubber ball seal it is suitable for the following Triton electric showers

    • Triton Alicante
    • Triton Amber 3
    • Triton Aquatronic 1 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 2 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 2 Ultra
    • Triton Aquatronic 3
    • Triton Aquatronic 3 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 3 Ultra
    • Triton Aquatronic 4 Plus
    • Triton Aquatronic 4 Ultra
    • Triton Aspirante
    • Triton Aspirante Electric
    • Triton Aspirante Millenium
    • Triton Aspirante Topaz
    • Triton Aspirante XR
    • Triton Aviva
    • Triton Belize
    • Triton Bezique 2
    • Triton Biarritz 2
    • Triton Biscay 2
    • Triton Cara
    • Triton Caselona
    • Triton Caselona 2
    • Triton Caselona 3
    • Triton Collections
    • Triton Colourwave
    • Triton Desire
    • Triton Enchant
    • Triton Enlight
    • Triton Enrich
    • Triton Entice
    • Triton Excite
    • Triton Excite Eco
    • Triton Forte
    • Triton Inscriptions
    • Triton Ivory 2
    • Triton Ivory 3
    • Triton Ivory 4
    • Triton Jade 2
    • Triton Jade 3
    • Triton Kito
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    • Triton Millenium Care
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    • Triton Safeguard Care Pumped
    • Triton Safeguard Pumped
    • Triton Sambada
    • Triton Seville
    • Triton Shannon
    • Triton Spellbind
    • Triton T100e Care (New Style)
    • Triton T100e Care Plus
    • Triton T100e Care Thermostatic
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    • Triton T100xr
    • Triton T150z
    • Triton T150z Pumped
    • Triton T70si
    • Triton T70xr
    • Triton T70z
    • Triton T75 - 8.5kW
    • Triton T75 - 9.5kW
    • Triton T80si
    • Triton T80si Extra
    • Triton T80si Pumped
    • Triton T80xr
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    • Triton T80z
    • Triton T80z Fast Fit
    • Triton T80z Slimline
    • Triton T80Z Thermostatic - Chrome
    • Triton T80Z Thermostatic - White
    • Triton T900pi
    • Triton T90si
    • Triton T90xr
    • Triton Topaz T100si
    • Triton Topaz T80si
    • Triton Touch 8.5kW
    • Triton Touch 9.5kW
    • Triton Trance 2nd Generation
    • Triton Zante
    • Triton Zante 2
    • Triton Zante 3
  • Chimney Balloon Company 9 x 9 Inch Small Chimney Draught Excluder

    How To Measure A Fireplace For A Chimney Balloon Video

    How To Install A Chimney Balloon Video

    About Chimney Balloons

    Warm air rises and cold air falls. This simple scientific fact means that when you have an unlit fireplace, not only will the warm air leave your home, but cold draughts will be coming in. But ‘plug’ this hole with a Chimney Balloon and instantly, and for very little money, you’ll make your home a lot warmer. Now, how good does that feel?

    How it works

    Apart from being favoured by portly men carrying presents, chimneys also act as funnels to take warm air away. However, when this warm air is being sucked away, it also pulls in cold air. Which is why you can feel it rushing in through the gaps in floors, doors and windows. Block your fireplace though and not only does the heat not leave your home, the cold air isn’t drawn in. Simple really.

    Just insert our specially engineered, guaranteed, and patented Chimney Balloon into your chimney opening, inflate and it’ll fill the gap but allow just a little ventilation. If you want you can safely leave it there for years until you next want to have a fire. Then you just deflate it and store it – ready to be used for when you next need it.

    The dilemma, however, is that chimneys continue to work even when there is no fire. Have you ever noticed the cold air rushing in through the gaps in the floors, doors and windows? The reason is simple. If hot air is rushing out of your home up the chimney, it will also be pulling in cold air from outside.

    You could block your fireplace with a board or bricks, but not only does it look ugly it’s also a pain to undo if you want a fire.

    So what about blocking the space with newspapers? (Sounds like a good excuse to make a few trips to the chippie). The problem with this though is that you’ll find at best your chimney gets damp because the bricks aren't breathing, at worst it’s a potential fire risk.

    So what about sealing the top of the chimney? (You obviously don’t believe in Mary Poppins then). But apart from costing you a lot of money – you’re giving up on having a fire ever again.

    I know. An ordinary balloon. Surely that would do. Well, even if it doesn't burst at once, it’ll probably shrivel up within a day! So you’d better get a bumper pack of balloons and prepare to have a lot of puff.

    That's why you need our specially engineered, guaranteed, patented Chimney Balloon. It will stay in place for years - and stay inflated. It will provide 'double glazing' for your fireplace. You can deflate it (and re-inflate it) any time you want a fire.

    And, heaven forbid, even if you do forget it and light a fire –it’ll just shrivel, harmlessly. But best of all, it's cheap and readily available at the click of a button.

    Chimney Sizes

    Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes, but luckily we’ve got a Chimney Balloon for every one

    Finding the one that's right for you is a lot easier to work out than it may look. There are five sizes of Chimney Balloon to choose from to fit most chimneys.

    How to measure your chimney for a Chimney Balloon?

    Don’t worry; measuring your chimney is very simple.

    Measure your chimney about a foot or so up the chimney flue.

    You will need the side-to-side and the front-to-back measurements (remember, these are taken inside the chimney, up out of sight).

    We suggest you use a flexible steel tape measure (Stanley type) or two pieces of wood or cardboard extended like wings. It is only necessary to measure approximately and choose the Chimney Balloon of the appropriate size or slightly larger than your chimney. You may find it easier to measure middle to left side then middle to right side, and add them together to get the full width.

    At a push you can even just count the bricks inside - allow 9 inches per brick length.

    Fitting Your Chimney Balloon

    1. Fitting

    Normally, the chimney balloon goes about 1 - 2 feet above the fireplace opening, depending on your type of chimney and on the size of your chimney balloon. The smallest parallel section is the best position, as long as most of the handgrip is obscured and the chimney balloon fits snugly all round. It must not rub once installed.

    2. Installation

    With the tap open (in line with the handgrip), blow a little air in to the chimney balloon - just enough to let you place it up into position without it scraping against the chimney. If you have a cast iron fire with a hole for the smoke to rise through you will need to push the chimney balloon through this before you start inflating.

    With the chimney balloon in place and the white label facing you, complete inflation.

    Once it is inflated to a point that the Chimney Balloon fits tightly in the flue, turn the tap off. You may have to top it up in an hour or two because the air may have cooled.

    Check while you are inflating it that the chimney balloon is positioning correctly - it may find its own position because it tends to move to where the chimney is widest. Continue until the balloon is gently firm, like prodding your thigh, but not drum-taut. You can test it by pushing the handgrip upwards - it should feel springy. The handgrip must hang free without restraint.

    Put the "Remember" notice in the grate or by the gas tap. If winds cause high chimney suction, tether the Chimney Balloon by its tap to the grate with a length of string. If you are leaving the Chimney Balloon permanently in position, check every 3 months that it is still doing its job. You may very occasionally need to top up the air.

    3. Removal

    This really couldn’t be simpler. Just remove the "remember" card, then open the tap. Press the handgrip against the side of the chimney through the balloon, so that the air is forced out. Soon you will be able to pull the balloon free. Roll it in newspaper or a polythene bag for tidy storage and hey presto it’s ready to be used again and again.

  • UniBond 1807921 Aero-360 Humidity Absorber Refills

    Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Refills is 2in1 technology - absorbs moisture and neutralises odours. It helps combat condensation, damp rooms, allergens in the air, mould and mildew. Suitable for use in rooms of up to 20m2 (living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms etc.) 2 x 450g tabs Each aero 360 tab lasts for 3 months Helps sufferers of asthma and allergies by removing humidity from the air Wave shaped with hollowed out centre (increased surface area) = greater absorption Weight: 0.96kg Dimensions : Depth: 11cm x Width: 11.5cm x Height: 11cm

  • Honeywell T6360B 1028 Room Thermostat 240 V 10 Amp

    Honeywell T6360B 1028 Room Thermostat 240 V 10 Amp available to buy online from BHL. We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Honeywell T6360B 1028 Room Thermostat 240 V 10 Amp. We also offer a complete range of Honeywell T6360B 1028 Room Thermostat 240 V 10 Amp accessories and alternatives at the cheapest prices with UK delivery.

    Honeywell T6360B 1028 Room Thermostat 240 V 10 Amp is part of the wide range of BHL products

    Honeywell T6360B 1028 Room Thermostat 240 V 10 Amp is manufactured by the Honeywell


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